Partner Migration

The Partner Visa’s are for applicants that are in a relationship with an Australian Citizen, Permanent Resident or eligible New Zealand Citizen.

You would be in a relationship where you and your spouse or interdependent partner are mutually committed to each other to the exclusion of all others, the relationship is ongoing and you are living together or not separately and apart on a permanent basis.

Please note that the Partner Visa’s are a lot more complex than they appear to be. The evidence and documentation required are very specific and detailed. There are also criteria for where and when you can apply for these visas and more often than not, careful planning of when to lodge the application is required.

The basic requirements for these visa’s are outlined below, however you will need to contact Advantage Migration Australia Pty Ltd so that we can explain further, the planning and preparation of your visa application to avoid delays. In many cases you will be required to have an interview. Advantage Migration Australia Pty Ltd will co-ordinate the date of interview for you. These are generally large applications consisting of detailed and specific evidence

The three categories include:



This visa usually involves 2 stages, the first being a temporary 2 year visa, and the second stage, after proving your relationship is still genuine and continuing after 2 years, permanent residence.

• You must be in a married or committed de facto relationship with an Australian Citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen
• You must be able to demonstrate that your relationship is genuine and continuing in a whole range of circumstances, using various means of evidence.
• Your partner must sponsor you
• De Facto spouses must have been in that relationship for 12 months prior to lodging the visa application.

• Relationship registration under State/Territory Government Law is recognised by the Department of Immigration.



This visa involves 3 stages. The first being the Prospective Marriage temporary visa, the second stage, Temporary Spouse Visa and the third stage of Permanent Spouse Visa.

• This application can only be lodged outside Australia
• You must be engaged to be married to an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen, and intend to marry your fiancé
• Your partner must sponsor you
• Proof of your intention to marry
• You must be able to show that you have personally met and have a genuine intention to marry
• You will be required to marry within 9 months of the grant of the first stage to take place in Australia
• You may be asked to attend an interview


Please contact Advantage Migration Australia Pty Ltd for further information of your eligibility for one of these visa classes.

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