Parent Migration

There are a number of visas available to Parents of Australian Citizens, permanent residents or eligible New Zealand Citizen’s.

These visas fall into 2 broad groups:

1. The Parent Visa Classes and the

2. Contributory Parent Classes.


Applicants for the contributory parent visa classes are required to make a higher contribution towards their future health costs.

There are 3 times the number of visa places available each year in the contributory parent visa classes and therefore, these visa’s are processed a lot quicker than other parent visa classes.

Generally, the basic requirements are as follows:

You must be a parent of a child who is an Australian Citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen

• Your child must be settled in Australia and must sponsor you.

• You must pass the balance of family test

• You must meet health and character requirements

Parents can apply for permanent migration to Australia under:

• Contributory Parent

• Contributory Aged Parent

• Parent

• Aged Parent

An assurance of support will also be required for the permanent visa options.

Parents can also apply under temporary classes:

1. Contributory Parent (Temporary)

2. Contributory Aged Parent (Temporary)

Please contact Advantage Migration Australia Pty Ltd for further information of your eligibility for one of these visa classes.


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